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Our Story



Restoration Community Ministries ATL known as RESTORATION, is a place where God resides. At RESTORATION, we emancipate the oppressed, equip the masses and exalt Jesus Christ. Our focus is to empower people through the Word of God and enable them to experience Him in the fullness of His power and anointing. We believe in changing hearts by keeping it real. Elder Charles & Co Pastor Deloris Westmoreland leads one of the most fervent church congregations in Atlanta, GA.

Restoration Community Ministries continues to stand as a strong witness of the Good News of Jesus throughout our community and beyond. Restoration Community Ministries proclaims through word and witness the reconciling, welcoming love of Jesus Christ.

We are a place where you can be encouraged to focus on what matters most and a place where you can make a difference in your family. We are a place where you can develop friendships with others who want their lives to count while investing yourself in eternal things, and a place where you are significant, where you are loved, where you can grow, where your talents and abilities can be put to work in God’s Kingdom!!!

Restoration Community Ministries was launched in March of 2010, with our Manifest Monday

services, which were held once a month at Pilgrim Church of Atlanta. During these services God

moved in miraculous ways, He healed and delivered, many lives were touched. In August 2010,

RCM began Bible Networking Classes on the campus of Clayton State University. In January

2011, RCM launched our first Mid-day Manifest Sunday service on the campus of Trinity

Lakeside Church in Jonesboro, GA and continues to this day with a 8:03 am sevice.

Our mission as a church is to meet the need of the total person (body, soul and spirit) and to

restore each individual to the place of right fellowship with God.

We believe prayer followed by action is the key to effective ministry as a church. We believe

Leadership is about character, integrity, and personal sacrifice. Therefore, we believe Pastors are

to be a role model of the things they preach, and leaders in the church are given the right to lead

as he/she shows himself trustworthy to follow.

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